Cotton care

Cotton is as easy to care for as it is comfy.
To keep it looking its best and last years, you only have to follow some basic guidelines to handle your beloved cotton clothes.

Step 1: Let's Wash
The biggest concern of those that love the feel and appearance of cotton fabric, is its nature to shrink.
Cotton cloth has a bad habit of shrinking during the drying process, but the natural fibres can also shrink when washed in super hot water. Although, if the cotton garment is worn close to the body, like your undies, socks or PJ’s, washing in hot water is very much recommended. And a delicate cycle on your machine is preferred.
Know that the shrinkage depends on the weave of the fabric and how the fabric was finished. You can't change this, but you can make the best choice to prevent excessive size changes.

Selecting a heavy-duty, high-performing detergent is your best option for removing sweat, body odour and most stains. If your clothes are only lightly dirty, any detergent is safe to use on cotton fabrics. Using fabric softeners is optional and will make the cotton fibres feel softer and may even reduce some wrinkling.

Step 2: What About Drying?
As mentioned before, cotton cloth often shrinks during the drying process. A rapid drying process by an electric dryer not only causes the natural fibres to become
scrunched together, but it also causes excessive wrinkling. Cotton cloths can easily be dried on an outdoor clothesline or indoor drying rack. Make sure you hang cotton
clothes away from direct sunlight to prevent the colour fading.

Step 3: Do we have to iron cotton?
Cotton is prone to creasing, so it is often necessary to iron it. Not a huge fan of ironing cotton? You can iron cotton while the garment is still slightly damp or use the steam setting on your iron, it makes the work much lighter. Use a medium-hot iron and it's important to always iron inside out on the wrong side of the fabric.