How to wear colour

Nature is slowly transforming from Winter into Spring. The misty days are almost over, surely but steadily Spring adds new life and colour into our daily lives.
Why not give nature a hand and start introducing more colour in your own wardrobe?

Are you up for a challenge and you want to introduce more colours into your wardrobe but you don't know how to do it? 

Start small and think how you can add just splashes of colour into your outfit. It's all in the details! Sometimes just a touch of colour can do wonders to brighten up your outfit. Or why not use coloured lining for a change? 

When wearing colour, people are easily scared to overdo it. Neutral colours are safe, they fit anyone, they don't draw attention and are wearable in every situation.
What seems safe for you can seem boring to someone else.
If you're scared to wear your favourite colour (f.i. orange), look for a softer (peach) or a darker tone (tangerine).

Not sure what colours work for you? First think of what colours make you happy. To scared to use them in your outfit? Surround yourself with colourful accessories, buy colourful flowers or change your cushions or other home accessories and notice the fresh energy it will bring you.

Small tip:
Not sure if you're favourite colour is a good colour for you? Use it in a skirt, a trousers or use it in a bottom piece. You can wear any colour you want, as long as you don't wear it close to your face